E3 2011 total coverage: Project Cafe, PS Vita, and more 0

E3 2011 total coverage: Project Cafe, PS Vita, and more

It begins.  In just a few hours, the intrawebs will be crawling with new tidbits on the video game world, as Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 (aka “E3 2011″) ravages Los Angeles. So what can we expect from this year’s E3? For starters, we know we’ll get our first glimpse on Nintendo’s successor to the Nintendo Wii, currently dubbed Project Cafe, and notably not “Nintendo Wii 2”. We know that Sony and Microsoft can’t be too far behind with their next generation consoles, with PlayStation beginning to hype PSVita. Is that good enough?

We expect to hear more about Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and whether that will be the swansong for the Nintendo Wii, or a launch title for “Cafe”, or both as the previous Zelda title, Twilight Princess, did for Gamecube and Wii. Maybe we’ll get our hands on more Nintendo 3DS games, like Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Mario 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS, and… uh… other title here 3DS…?

Will Nintendo make the eShop worth it? Will Microsoft be ready to apologize for the identity theft issues? Does Disney fully reveal how massive they intend to make the Disney Universe? Can Zelda’s 25th anniversary game package outshine the meager Super Mario 25th? What are you waiting to see and hear!