E3 2011: Microsoft unveils Halo 4 0

E3 2011 Microsoft unveils Halo 4

They waited til the very, very end, but Microsoft finally got to the big news: Halo 4 will debut holiday 2012, a year after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary drops for the system, and thus 11 years after the original broke ground for the franchise. In order to see the footage, the hardcore E3 crowd had to sit through an hour or so of fake-families fake-demoing Kinect games. The games, software, and technology was actually all pretty cool on its own, but the “live” demonstrations brought back the bitter taste of presentations early in the Nintendo Wii life cycle. But how is that important here? We have Master Chief and Cortana back, ready to launch an entire new trilogy of Halo kick assness.


Was this enough to save Microsoft’s otherwise very family-friendly E3 2011? The roar of the crowd seemed to approve, as the brief teaser trailer flashed the 343 Industries footage, shortly before Don Mattrick (President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft) informed the crowd this was just the beginning of a new trilogy. Starting holiday 2012, Halo returns – sorry, Duke — hail to the Chief!