Dragonquest X Gets Ten Years of Downloadable Content 0

Dragonquest X Gets Ten Years of Downloadable Content

Square Enix is going all out in support of its Dragon Quest X MMORPG. The game has just launched in Japan, and according to Square Enix, they plan on supporting the MMO with ten years of regularly released downloadable content.

As per Square Enix’s announcement, Dragon Quest X will be getting major “version up” (don’t ask us. we’re not native engrish speakers) for a total of ten years with the patches being released every ten weeks or so. While Square Enix has not provided details on what the DLCs will containt, they have stated that it will at least include new story quests.

Dragon Quest is currently only exclusive to Nintendo Wii players in Japan, but a Wii U version is in the works (which kind of seems unnecessary since the Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games). What seems odd is the ten year plan, considering that the game is Japan exclusive. Would a console-only MMO that’s exclusive to Japan last that long?


Via: andriasang.com