Dragon Quest X Will Arrive on Japanese Wii Us on March 30 0

dragon quest x wii u

North American Wii owners may not have noticed it much from their end, but Dragon Quest X on the Wii was among the 10 best selling games in Japan last year, with its success even prompting developer Square Enix to state that the MMO could be around for 10 more years.

In order to address the fact that the Wii is starting to get a little long in the tooth, Square Enix has decided to release a Wii U version of Dragon Quest X in Japan this March 30. The Wii U version will have all the content found in the Wii version, along with enhanced graphics that take advantage of the beefier hardware. It also supports the ability to play via the GamePad. The game will retail for ¥6,980 ($75) and will come bundled with a ticket for 20 days of online play. Nintendo will also be releasing a Wii U premium bundle that includes the game, a Pro Controller, a ¥1,000 prepaid card, a beta invite, and five super health orbs.

There’s no announcement yet whether Dragon Quest X will be making its way to the West, but considering the track record of Japanese MMOs, it seems very unlikely.