DOTA 2 Will Have a Spectator Client 0

DOTA 2 Will Have a Spectator Client

As further proof that Valve always knows how to do things right, they have recently announced that every Steam user can now download and install a standalone DOTA 2 spectator app for free. The spectator app lets users watch any recent or live DOTA 2 matches, along with any upcoming matches that will go down as part of the International tournament.

Of course, the DOTA 2 client will have a spectator function that lets users act as spectators for matches, but the beauty of having a free spectator app is that it allows people who are on the fence about trying out the software to get a glimpse of the matches, acting as promotional tools for the game. The free spectator app also has several features that lend itself well to competitions, such as allowing an administrator to direct the view of the match, complete with commentary. Valve plans to eventually incorporate the spectator app to the final build of the game client, but for now, it’s going to be a standalone app.

Via: Steam