DmC Devil May Cry Demo Comes Out Next Week 0

dmc devil may cry

Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry has received a lot of criticisms since the first screenshot was released, but majority of the complaints were all about the visual style or the story, with nary a gameplay complaint in sight – the reason being that nobody outside the devs and the testers have had a chance to try it out. Next week, people who want to bash the game based on its gameplay will finally get the chance to do so since the demo is set to arrive in North America on November 20, with Europe following the day after.

The DmC Devil May Cry demo will contain two missions and a single boss battle, as well as a few samples of the game’s difficulty modes. Completing the demo gives players the chance to test the remixed Son of Sparda mode, and Capcom hints that there are a few secrets that players may want to keep an eye out on.