New Dead or Alive 5 Plus Trailer Shows Off Vita-Specific Features 0


A new Japanese trailer has been released for Dead of Alive 5 Plus, this time showing off a handful of its PS Vita-specific features, such as the first person Touch Play Mode up to the awesome cross-platform play with the PS3 version.

The trailer also offers a sneak peek at some of the bonuses that come with the Japanese special edition, such as the I’m a Fighter Vita Skin, the soundtrack CD, and a download code for DLC costumes, among others.

Watch the trailer below:

Some of the PS Vita features are cool, with the Touch Play Mode showing that Dead or Alive 5 can be easily ported to iOS or Android devices without losing much (the latest gen iPads for instance, have enough horsepower to do the port justice.) The cross platform capability is also one of the features that hardware manufacturers and game devs have tried to pull off before, with varying levels of success.

Dead or Alive 5 will arrive in Japanese shores on March 20, with the North American gamers getting it a day earlier at March 19.