Darksiders Acquired by Nordic Games 0

Darksiders Acquired by Nordic Games

THQ’s filing for bankruptcy late last year was a sad affair, first and foremost because of all the hardworking people who lost their jobs, and also because of all the great videogame franchises that were thrown into limbo. While all the talented workers who were laid off have probably already bounced back and found employment somewhere else, many of the franchises are still stuck in the void. Nordic Games has recently addressed that issue as they have acquired the rights to Darksiders, MX vs. ATV, Red Faction, and other leftover THQ franchises including Destroy All Humans and Summoner.

Fans should not worry that Nordic will just cash in on the existing fanbase of the games, as Nordic themselves – god bless them – have admitted that they don’t have the capability to produce a sequel that would do the franchise justice (yet), so they will not be producing new iterations of the franchises until they get the best creative people for the job:

“We are not a developer. We should not create a sequel. We need to find the best creative team to look into a sequel. We will look into various options to make sequels,” says Nordic Games CEO Lars Wingefors. “In the last 24 hours we have been approached by people who seem to know that product very well. However, if those discussions lead anywhere, I don’t know.”

The most obvious choices would be the former members of Vigil Games, who were the developers of the previous Darksiders titles and are currently employed with Crytek USA. Wingefors is open to talks:

“Without saying we have been in contact with Crytek USA, I’d love to do something with them if we can find the right set-up. If they can prove they can make a worthwhile sequel, why shouldn’t we talk?