Capcom Fighting Evolution Arriving on PSN as a PS2 Classic 0


According to a recent Playstation Blogcast, the crossover fighter Capcom Fighting Evolution (from Capcom, duh.) will be making its way to the PSN as the game will be officially turned into a Playstation 2 Classic next week.

Lots of new gamers only have passing familiarity with Capcom Fighting Evolution (Capcom Fighting Jam in Japan) because it received fairly lukewarm response when it first arrived in 2004. The reason for the poor reception being that people were already tired of Capcom’s crossover fighters at that point, and their loss of the Marvel license meant that people only got crossovers from within Capcom’s library of characters, making for an underwhelming experience as far as choice of characters is concerned.

However, the series soon garnered a cult following, after proving to be a solid fighter in its own right, and for letting gamers get a chance to play around with some of Capcom’s more obscure characters – particularly the ones that came from the underperforming Red Earth/Warzard (which didn’t get much success in the Arcades due to problems with CPS3 hardware adoption).

Pricing has not been announced yet, but it’s safe to say that it will be within the range of prices for PS2 Classics.