Canada Gets a Wii Mini for $99.99 0

Canada Gets a Wii Mini for $99.99

Canadian gamers who are still without a Wii and can’t have one (or its successor, the Wii U) due to budget constraints will be glad to know that the region will get a Wii Mini that’s priced at the very affordable $99.99 this holiday.

Of course, nothing ever comes without a catch as far as reduced prices are concerned. The Wii Mini’s difference from the original goes beyond form factor, as the mini is stripped down to the bare essentials.

According to Nintendo, the Wii Mini lacks Gamecube support and will have no online connectivity. It will support most peripherals, though. There’s currently no word on whether the Wii Mini is going to be released worldwide, but we assume it’s going to be perfect in some parts of Asia and South America where videogame consoles are not as successful and Internet bandwidth is very limited.