Brothers to The End: Gears of War 3 arrives with upgraded ass kickery 0

Gears of War 3 has arrived

Delta Squads final entry in the Gears of War universe has arrived! Grab a buddy for campaign mode and play as Marcus and Dom locally (or Cole and Baird on certain missions. Spoiler.), or play with up to three friends on Xbox live for some steamy co-op action!

And what would a GoW game be without Online Multiplayer? Horde mode returns more bad ass and with Bosses every tenth wave! New to Gears 3, play as the Horde in Beast Mode and wipe out he last remnants of the COG, or grab your mic and play old-school Versus modes to trash talk and destroy all the prepubescent little shits who have bad parents!

Epic is also selling a Seasons Pass that will let you download the first four DLC installments at a 33% discount.  The first DLC will roll out in November, and it also gives you exclusive access to the Liquid Metal gun skins. Retail price is $30 but if you’re going to get the maps anyway better to buy early and save some cash.

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