The Angry Video Game Nerd’s Platforming Game Will Be Ported to Wii U and 3DS 0


It’s kind of poetic that James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd character, who spent a lot of time maligning retro videogames, is going to get his own retro-inspired platforming game, which is slated to come out for PC and has already been approved through Steam Greenlight. It turns out that the good news doesn’t stop there, as recent reports suggest that it’s also going to come out for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS platforms.

It’s not an actual confirmation, though. But the game’s Facebook page has stated that the game, titled AVGN Adventures, will be coming to Nintendo’s modern consoles. So unless Nintendo is planning to release a new console and handheld in the following weeks, it’s a safe bet that AVGN Adventures is talking about the Wii U and 3DS.

Release dates for the Nintendo ports have not been announced, but the PC version is confirmed to be coming out later this year.

Via: Destructoid