New 8-Minute Gameplay Movie for God Eater 2 0


4Gamer has recently posted a lengthy footage for the upcoming co-op action game God Eater 2, which serves as a nice preview of what the game has to offer – starting with the opening animation all the way to a few minutes of gameplay.

For the uninitiated, God Eater 2 is a follow up to the PSP game God Eater (Titled Gods Eater in the US, no doubt to avoid stepping on any monotheistic religion’s toes), which focuses on a post-apocalyptic future where humans have been forced behind the protective walls of various settlements after savage man-eating beasts called the “Aragami” have taken over the Earth. Their only protection lie in the elite cadre of warriors called the “God Eaters,” who are trained to fight the Aragami using various weapons made out of machines and aragami cells.

You can check out the 8 minute video below: