3D Space Harrier Debuts on 3DS eShop 0

3D Space Harrier Debuts on 3DS eShop

3D was pushed hard by Hollywood and the gaming industry this year, and while that may give young ones the impression that it’s a relatively new technology, the truth is that 3D has been around, and was actually quite successful, in gaming a couple of decades ago. One of the more successful console makers to take advantage of the technology – using the old cyan/blue glasses – is Sega, and one of their most popular 3D-capable games is the rail shooter Space Harrier.

Fast forward to 2012 and 3D is back in full force, and Sega is no longer making hardware. They’re still a successful software developer, though, and in what may seem like SEGA coming full circle, the classic Space Harrier has just been released for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. It’s still in 3D, but the glasses are no longer needed as it takes advantage of the 3DS’ 3d capabilities. It can also use the handheld’s gyro sensor in order to mimic the arcade’s tilt controls. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

There are currently no plans to release the title outside of Japan, but here’s to hoping Sega wisens up and lets North American gamers relieve the glory days of Sega via the eShop.