3D Classics Version of Streets of Rage Adds 1-Hit Deathblows 0


Sega’s upcoming 3D Classics lineup on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS will include the iconic Beat ‘em Up Streets of Rage, but this new version will go beyond simply upgrading the original with 3D functionality – it will add an additional new mode called the One Hit Deathblow Mode.

The One Hit Deathblow Mode is a markedly faster mode, simply due to a new mechanic that allows you to kill enemies with one hit, making the pace of the game more akin to the NES’ Spartan X.

As mentioned above, 3D Streets of Rage will come with stereoscopic 3D functionality, which should give old fans an incentive to try it out even if they are not interested in the One Hit Deathblow mode. It also has local co-op, because playing with a friend is half of the fun. The game will be available on the 3DS eShop in Japan on August 21, and will be priced ¥600.

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