New Updates on DC’s Watchmen Sequel 1

New Updates on DC’s Watchmen Sequel

With or without Alan Moore’s approval (or even acknowledgement, as the creator has already washed his hands off of the franchise), DC is moving forward with new comic books based on the seminal superhero deconstruction piece Watchmen. A recent Bleeding Cool report has confirmed that the comic book company has signed Andy Kubert to illustrate one of the four planned prequels.

Kubert’s prequel will focus on the Blue Beetle/Batman proxy Nite Owl. The prequel contains a contribution by his father, the legendary Joe Kubert and will be a mini series instead of a one-shot.

The Bleeding cool article doesn’t have any details regarding the other prequels or spin offs, but there are reports that Darwyn Cooke of DC: The New Frontier may write another spin-off that deals with the Comedian (no word on whether it’s the old post-vietnam Comedian or the young Spandex-clad one.). Other contributors being considered include K. Michael Straczynski, JG Jones, and original Watchmen collaborators Dave Gibbons and John Higgins.