Video: Superman vs Hulk 1

Superman VS Hulk
Hulk VS Superman. It’s one of the most divisive and contested match-ups in comicdom. One is an alien with superspeed, flight, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength and resistance to damage that isn’t magical in nature or irradiated with kryptonite. The other is a human who’s been exposed to lethal doses of gamma radiation, resulting in super strength, resistance to damage, and superhuman reflexes – all of which have a tendency to increase relative to his rage. Who would win in a straight brawl between the two?

Of course, Superman and the Hulk came from two different comic book universes with their own power levels being inconsistent between writers. With both of them having incarnations that are powerful enough to take on all the heroes and villains from their own respective universes. It could go either way, so the movie below only uses their movie incarnations, with Superman being represented by the Christopher Reeve version, while the Hulk seems to come from Edward Norton’s (based on the hair?)