MightyGeek Babe of the Week: Harley Quinn 0


I’m not aware of any site rules that forbid fictional women from being featured as Mightygeek’s BotB, so I’m choosing DC Comics’ Harley Quinn. Besides, if we’re only allowed to feature real women, we’d have to take down several of the features, since some of the women featured are only partly real. If you know what I mean. Now, on with the show:

Unlike most characters in Batman’s rogues gallery, Harley Quinn was a cartoon character first before being adapted into the comic books, as she was originally introduced in Batman: the Animated Series in September 11, 1992. Her first comic book appearance was in the BTAS spin-off comic, The Batman Adventures #12 (September, 1993) she proved popular enough that she eventually became part of the main Batman comic books, as frequent companion of The Joker.

Harley Quinn’s name is an obvious play on the word harlequin, especially since her costume is similar to a traditional harlequin jester’s (or in some of the more edgier representations, partly inspired). The character is extremely obsessed with The Joker and acts as his regular sidekick/accomplice. She also sees herself as The Joker’s lover/romantic partner but there’s no confirmation on whether the feeling is mutual, since it’s hard to properly assess The Joker’s mental faculties.

As far as powers and abilities go, most people assume that Harley Quinn is just a “street level” villain like most of Batman’s enemies, with nothing but athleticism and skill with various weaponry but the truth is that Harley has a few enhancements courtesy of her BFF Red (her term of endearment for Poison Ivy, one of the few characters that she is genuinely friendly with), making her slightly stronger and faster than a physically fit male athlete. She’s not going to trade punches with Wonder Woman anytime soon, but she’s strong enough to swing that giant mallet around and maybe twist your neck off like a rubber chicken. There’s also that thing about her being immune to Poison Ivy’s erm, various poisons.

She’s also one of the few characters in Gotham who can keep up with The Joker when it comes to the kind of unpredictable psychosis that makes Batman’s job hard to do. Sadly, it’s negated by her obsession with the Joker, which is consistent enough to give the world’s greatest detective something to start with.

You can check out the Harley Quinn gallery below, featuring several versions spanning comic books, TV, and videogames: