Joker creator Jerry Robinson passes away 0

Joker creator Jerry Robinson

Joker creator Jerry Robinson

Mighty Geek takes a moment to mourn the passing of Jerry Robinson.  Robinson was Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s first art assistant in in the early 40’s on the Batman strip for DC Comics.  He’s often considered to be the model for the Robin character, and the creator of the Joker, arguably the most popular villain in comic history.

Robinson continued working in comics for several decades, his creation Atoman was the inspiration for Steve Ditko’s Captain Atom (Ditko was a huge Robinson fan, and was actually taught by Robinson in art school before breaking into the industry).

Not just a cartoonist, Robinson was also an activist for creators and their rights for many years.  He was a key figure in the movement to have DC give Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster not only credit for the creation of Superman but also financial compensation in the late 70’s.

Robinson was still active in the field guiding some of his own creations, and a book about his life and career was published last year.