DCU Geek Girl Faceoff! Batgirl vs. Hawkgirl vs. Harley Quinn 2

the fan favorite?

So apparently at least one of you got really riled up over my statement that Sheira Hall was “arguably” the hottest geek girl in the DCU:   “Point of contention: no, it is *not* “arguable” who the hottest geek girl is in the DCU. Babs FTW! Hell, she wins in DC/Marvel/Image, et. al., universes… (with pre-DCnU Harley as her only competition!).”

Now this, is the kind of response that fires us up here at Mighty Geek! We like it! So we’re taking it to the people!  Who is the hottest geek girl in the DCU?  Hawkgirl?  Batgirl? Dr. Quinzel?  or could it be someone else?