DC’s Ame-Comi Introduces Bishoujo Batgirl 0

DC’s Ame-Comi Introduces Bishoujo Batgirl

It seems that DC Comic’s recent experiments into bishoujo comics via their Ame-Comi Digital Comics is successful, since they’re going to add yet another bishoujo-inspired take on a popular title to their library of manga-inspired digital comics.

The first Ame-Comi title was the bishoujo Wonder Woman written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, with illustrations by Amanda Conner, and now they are launching Sanford Green’s new take on bat-family babes Batgirl and Robin as they confront Poison Ivy in BATGIRL.

The weekly comic is available via DC’s own comic book app and via ComiXology for 99 cents an issue, and seems to feature a female Robin and the Babs Gordon Batgirl, and a wheelchair-bound Jim Gordon (not that Ame-Comi titles are not based in DC’s mainstream continuity). According to the official synopsis:

Batgirl and Robin have put aside the costumes and are ready to hit the town for a little fun–that is, until Poison Ivy turns up to create some chaos. And when two of her friends join, the Dynamic duo find themselves outnumbered.