DC Comics Reboots, introduces new Justice League 7

DC Comics Reboots, introduces new Justice League

Our sister site ToonBarn recently reported that DC Comics was relaunching the entire DC Universe, bringing about a whole new Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. Sounds simple enough: just wipe out the past century of information, and think of everything as new, right? Sorta. To get the launch ready (which officially debuts in the new books this September) the DC Universe has a lot of work ahead of it. What kind of news? Read on!

First and foremost, we’ll be looking at 52 monthly titles. Number sound familiar? It should: DC has heavily tied to “52” over the past few years, including the year-long, weekly-release book that shared the title, as well as DC’s answer to the alternate realities: the 52-world multiverse. Not as hectic as pre-crisis, not as limiting as post-crisis, just a fun little collection of 52 parallel earth universes. Is there a connection beyond just the number? We’re not entirely sure yet, but our office magic 8-ball said “yes.”

What this does mean is that there will be 52 first issues when the relaunch officially takes place in September. 13 new titles will ship each week, every week, including Wonder Woman #1, Superman #1, Batman #1, and so on. Continuity will be entirely rebooted, with many key factors of the status quo getting, at the very least, a kick in the pants. That doesn’t necessarily mean Superman will now be a villain and Green Lantern will actually be Fuchsia Lantern… but it does mean those are possibilities. More than likely, the tweaks will be factors of the character’s currently-long history; maybe Superman’s background will be more like the Smallville storyline than the Christopher Reeve films, for example. Different, but the same.

If you were in control, what types of changes would you like to see?

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