The Boys #61: Over the hill and with the swords of a thousand men 0

The Boys #61: Shit Be Goin’ Down

SPOILERS ALERT Is it just me or is Ennis stuck when it comes to handling Wee Hughie? I can’t tell how many times the series has wasted several pages on the trust/anxiety/my girlfriend blew the JLA angle, and it’s not like it still has bearing on the story at this point, both Hughie and The Boys already know Starlight’s big secret(s), and her role in The Seven hasn’t been touched on since Herogasm.

Even Hughie’s problems dealing with The Boys’ dirty work seems tiring now, and I find it hard to imagine how Butcher manages to shrug it off. I know Hughie’s role is to represent the readers, so that we can see how the Boys and the Superheroes’ world looks like to someone from the outside, but come on. We’re good, now we need you to focus on other parts of the story…

Fortunately, “Over the hill and with the swords of a thousand men” does give us more details on things that are unrelated to Hughie’s annoying emotional baggage. For instance, we get hints on the whereabouts of M.M.’s mother (the series hasn’t told us yet how he gets the milk he needs as sustenance), and his problem with Janine has been sorted off panel (or an even bigger set of problems has been started off panel).

We also get to see Butcher recover from the death of Terror (stabbing Jack from Mars in the gut is GREAT therapy), while we see cracks in The Seven, partly due to Jack’s death and partly because of The Homelander’s increasingly odd behaviour. We also get to see the masterminds at Vought develop some sort of a relationship (or a fake relationship, if there’s a bit of manipulation and leading on planned in the series). We also find out that The Homelander can be killed by nukes (or can he?)

Back to The Boys, the crew is planning for the worst, due to the death of Dakota Bob making a showdown with Vought and The Seven an even bigger (and nearer) possibility, with additional info on The Noir and a way to blackmail the Homelander hinted at. They are then interrupted by another group of Superhumans, The Paralactic, busting down their door. The issue ends with Hughie looking shocked at the prospect of getting into another scuffle, as the rest of the Boys get their gameface on.