Batman: Arkham Origins UK Collector’s Edition Revealed 0

arkham-origins collector's

The New Batman: Arkham Origins collector’s edition has been announced for the UK, and it looks like the kind of stuff that will make North American and Japanese gamers wish they lived in a different country. For starters, there’s a 12″ Batman and Joker statue. Then you also have a metal game case, an 80 page art book, and what’s that? The game itself? Sweet. The collector’s edition set also comes with the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, and a “1st appearance” Batman skin. You can check out all the sweet loot below:

arkham origins

That’s the Xbox 360 version, by the way. The PS3 version will also add the Knightfall pack. This time, PC players are left out, as there’s no collector’s edition for the PC port. Wii U owners are worse, since their port won’t even have multiplayer.

The Batman: Arkham Origins collector’s edition will be sold exclusively through Amazon UK for £80, due out on the same launch as the regular versions on October 25.