New Batman: Arkham Origins Details from Comic-Con 0


Gamers are watching the latest installment in the Batman Arkham franchise, Arkham Origins, mainly because development is now being handled by Warner Bros. Montreal instead of the studio that made Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Rocksteady. However, it seems like the franchise is in good hands, based on a bunch of new info that cropped up during their recent San Diego Comic-Con presentation:

1. Arkham Origins will be a prequel, and will feature a less experienced and less skilled Batman. Fortunately, the devs have clarified that they will not handicap the Caped Crusader in-game and will instead rely on story and character interactions to show off a Dark Knight that’s in his early years.

2. The panel revealed that a villain will once again put Batman through another perspective-alerting psychedelic sequence, which is good, as the parts with Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter from the two previous games were some of the scariest and most immersive parts in the series.

3. The main plot will be the Black Mask putting a $50 million hit on the then-new vigilante Batman, resulting in eight assassins taking Black Mask up on the offer and hunting down the Bat over Christmas eve.

4. A new character, the assassin Copperhead, will be one of the baddies the Dark Knight will have to defeat. She’s loosely based on the comic book version, and uses poison and melee to fight. According to WB, they had to use three different performers for the motion capture of the character, including a martial artist and a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Check out the video:

5. The panel also revealed a few skins that will appear on the game, including the classic Adam West-era and the Knightfall skins (exclusive to the PS3). The most interesting one has to be the Worst Nightmare Skin, which depicts the Batman as a terrifying monster of a figure, similar to the kind of image he wants to evoke in the minds of criminals.

Via: IGN