10 Reasons Hawkman Doesn’t Suck Part 3 0

sexy geek wife for the win

Continuing on the countdown of the Reasons why Hawkman doesn’t suck.  I’ve been officially declared an enemy of the state of Chile by Neil and Mxy has asserted his own rebuttal to my rebuttal: “Reason number one why Hawkman sucks: He sucks.”  You’re gonna need a bigger boat, boys.  😉 So let’s jump into reason number 4 why Hawkman doesn’t suck: He’s married to a sexy, redheaded geek girl who shares his passions.  While Superman spends his time getting blue balls from Lois Lane and Batman spends his time training teenage boys to wear red and green outfits, Hawkman has a sexy, crime fighting wife.  It’s arguable whether Hawkgirl/woman or Oracle is the hottest geek girl in the DCU, but Sheira Hall started her career by cosplaying as Hawkman a good twenty years before Barbara Gordon made the scene. Need more?

3.He’s the toughest SOB in the DCU.  Prime example: The epic JLA #200.  As the original seven JLAers are brainwashed, the later additions of the team must go after them to prevent the revival of the Appellaxians (who menaced the group in their founding adventure).  Hawkman goes after Superman in a chapter rendered by Joe Kubert, downing several Superman robots before Supes himself knocks Hawkman into orbit.  Hawkman is rescued by Adam Strange and teleported back to the JLA satellite.  Most heroes would spend the rest of the book wallowing in self=pity and complaining (or in a coma after being Super punched).  Hawkman gets back up and finished the adventure without a complaint or worry.  That’s the mark of a bad ass.


2. The BFM.  Seriously, you carry a huge fricking mace around and most of the time you’re not even gonna have to use that thing.  90% of your fights are gonna end right there.  The rest?  They’ll be carrying around some serious physical damage for the rest of their life.  Kryptonians excepted.

The BFM. Hawkman's prescription for criminal headaches. . .

you gotta have huge balls to go after Superman with a mace.