10 Reasons Why Hawkman Doesn’t Suck Part 1 4

Kyle Baker took on a heavily Kubert influenced style for the Hawkman strip in Wednesday Comics

A rebuttal to Neil and Mxy’s fanstrip.  😛 10.  Not only was he a founding member, but he was also the first and longest reigning chairman of the Justice Society of America, the first superteam in comic history.  In fact, in ancient Egypt as Prince Khufu, he even formed a prototype Justice Society with Teth Adam (the future Black Adam), Nabu (Dr. Fate), and a Blue Beetle. Moving on to number 9… 

9.  Both the Egyptian and Thanagarian Hawkmen were  co=created by Gardner Fox, one of the most productive writers of both the Golden and Silver Ages of the DCU.  other notable creations of Fox were the Golden Age Flash, the Golden Age Sandman, Dr. Fate, the JSA, the Silver Age Atom, Adam Strange, and the JLA.  Fox also gave Batman some of his most famous tools, notably the Batarang, and wrote the seminal “Flash of Two Worlds” which planted the seeds of the original DC multiverse.  He also wrote the first several JSA/JLA teamups.

8.  Joe Kubert worked on both the Golden and Silver Age Hawkmen during his career.  In the waning days of the Golden Age run, one of Kubert’s first steady jobs was the Hawkman strip in Flash comics.  It was his learning experience on the road to stardom.  Almost twenty years later, he and Fox revived the concept in Brave and the Bold.  It was an enduring artistic legacy that would continue on over the years and although Kubert did not remain the primary Hawkman artist, he is the one most associated with the character.

to be continued. . .

the quintessential hawkman artist

founded the first super hero team in comic history