YouTube stars making huge money

YouTube stars making huge money 0

Forget about data entry, blogging, and selling weight loss pills. If you want to make a decent profit off of the Internet, you need to bust out your videocamera, as it seems there are a number of people who made a killing on Youtube. These are not celebrities backed by big entertainment companies, but just(…)

John or Paul?

John or Paul? 0

It’s one of the most contentious debates in the music industry – who was the real driving force behind the Beatles, was it John or Paul? It is this question that has fueled endless debates amongst music afficionados, whether they are Beatles fans or not, since both John Lennon and Paul McCartney have played large,(…)

Marvel/Disney Announces Advanced Screenings for Facebook Support

Marvel/Disney Announces Advanced Screenings for Facebook Support 1

Marvel Studios and its overlord Walt Disney Pictures has announced that cities with large Facebook followings will get a screening of their new Avengers movie before its official May 4th release date.  Here’s the official press release: Marvel Studios announced today that “Marvel’s The Avengers” will reward its fans on Facebook for their continued support(…)

Video: Superman vs Hulk

Video: Superman vs Hulk 1

Hulk VS Superman. It’s one of the most divisive and contested match-ups in comicdom. One is an alien with superspeed, flight, heat vision, freeze breath, super strength and resistance to damage that isn’t magical in nature or irradiated with kryptonite. The other is a human who’s been exposed to lethal doses of gamma radiation, resulting(…)

Smack that video bomb

Smack that video bomb 0

Amateur dance videos are a dime a dozen in Youtube. In fact, there’s so many of them that it starts to get boring and you’ll be hard pressed to find any interest in looking at some random girl dance to Akon’s Smack Dat in front of her camera. In order to get people’s attention, the(…)

Henry Rollins: The Long March Tour

Henry Rollins: The Long March Tour 0

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of making the trip down to New Orleans, LA, to see a figure who has had a powerful influence on my life, first in my teenage years during my discovery of punk rock, and now again in my thirties, where my awareness of our cuntry’s situation(…)

First Person Mario

First Person Mario 0

Yesterday, we posted about Mario Portal, which mixes elements from the modern game Portal and the retro Super Mario Bros by giving Mario a portal gun. But what if the approach was different? What if, instead of receiving the portal gun, the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros received the 3rd Dimension? You get: First Person(…)

Michael Bolton is Cool Again

Michael Bolton is Cool Again 0

Adam Samberg and The Lonely Island are famous for a lot of things; there’s the I Just Had Sex video with Akon that people seem to love to repost in social networks (prompting a lot of awkward and creepy mental images, like that time when your grandma reposted the vid), there’s also Samberg’s portrayal of(…)

Netflix Launches Lillyhammer-Their Own Hour Drama Series

Netflix Launches Lillyhammer-Their Own Hour Drama Series 2

Netflix has to do a a lot to make up for their earlier, very public blunders in the handling of splitting the streaming and DVD by mail aspects of their business.  Not only that, they’re facing rising content costs and rivalries from other companies such as the recently announce Verizon/Redbox deal, HBOGo, and other media(…)

Brazilian artist Al Rio dead

Brazilian artist Al Rio dead 1

Bleeding Cool has reported that Brazilian comics artist Al Rio has passed away.  I was a big fan of his work. He was a very talented artist capable of working in multiple styles.  Most fans are only aware of his sexier style reminiscent of J. Scott Campbell’s work.  I’ve included here one of his many(…)