J.J. Abrams Describes Star Wars: Episode VII 0

In spite of the flurry of excitement revolving around Star Wars: Episode VII, director J.J. Abrams has been remarkably quiet, with most people just assuming that he’s too busy working at the film and whatever other projects he has on his slate at the moment. However, Abrams finally broke his silence and discussed Episode VII(…)

Square to Release Special Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Controller in Asia 0

Square Enix recently gave non-Japanese fans controller envy when they announced a special Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII red controller for the Japanese market, but it would seem that they’re saving something special for other countries as well: a special DualShock 3 controller for the Asian market. The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Controller for(…)

Sony Unveils New PS Vita TV Console 0

Those who are interested in a PS Vita but aren’t too keen on its price and it’s small screen will have an alternative soon, as Sony has recently revealed a new console called the Playstation Vita TV, which is basically a consolized PS Vita designed to play Vita titles on TV sets. The console is(…)

Universal Studios Planning a Resident Evil Haunted House 0

If you’re looking for something new and scary this coming Halloween, you should be looking towards Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights as they have recently partnered with a very popular video game franchise in order to provide attendees with a truly scary horror experience. A short teaser for the haunted house, which is based on(…)

Doctor Who Unshot Scene: P.S. 0

File this video under “How Did I Miss This?” although the answer may be as simple as me not paying much attention to Doctor Who after Asylum of the Daleks and feeling underwhelmed with the episodes that followed. Oddly enough, it seems like one of the best moments during that time is a scene that(…)

BBC Announces Matt Smith’s Replacement for Doctor Who 0

News about Matt Smith stepping down from the role of the doctor has been floating around the net for months now, and while there are a few fans who were hoping that it’s just another misdirection from Moffat and crew, the BBC has pretty much set everything in stone by announcing Matt Smith’s replacement as(…)

First Person Sonic the Hedgehog 0

By now, you’re probably already familiar with the fan-made Youtube video that puts Super Mario Bros. in First Person Perspective. It was certainly a novel idea and showed the Mushroom Kingdom as a really beautiful place (not counting the Goombas and the ridiculously large cannons that shoot equally large bullets). Most people will also remember(…)

New Fan-Made JRPG Stars Kanye West 0

It’s very easy to make fun of musician Kanye West these days, despite the fact that he’s actually one of the artists that is seen as talented even by people who dislike his genre. This is largely through his own fault, as he seems to have lost touch with reality these days.

Japan Creates a Robot that Can Be Piloted by a Child

Japan Creates a Robot that Can Be Piloted by a Child 0

Last March, Gunma Prefecture-based machine manufacturer Sakakibara Kikai has released the first ever actual robot that is so simple it can be used by children. And no, we’re not talking about toy robots – this is an actual pilotable robot that looks like a cross between ED-209 and the exo-suit used by Ripley in the(…)

John Leguizamo Offers Super Mario Bros Movie 20th Anniversary Message

John Leguizamo Offers Super Mario Bros Movie 20th Anniversary Message 0

The live action Super Mario Bros movie is easily one of the most maligned videogame movies to date, ranking even lower on people’s lists than Van Damme’s Street Fighter. However, the truth is that it’s actually a decent movie if you strip away all the attempts to tie it into the Super Mario Bros franchise,(…)