Synopsis for Agent Carter Series Released 0

Now that ABC has already greenlighted a new TV series based on Marvel’s Agent Carter, the official synopsis has been released online, giving everyone a glimpse of what they can expect from the show story-wise. As previously announced, the series will follow Peggy Carter after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, with the(…)

Solo Hulk Movie Rumored 0

Technically, a solo Hulk movie has been done before, if you don’t have any problems considering the Edward Norton movie as having occurred in the same universe occupied by the current crop of Marvel films (shouldn’t be much of a stretch, at least when compared to the Ang Lee Hulk film.) but those who really(…)

Fantastic Four Reboot Will Be Less Cartoony 0

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg has been making the rounds lately, dishing out much-needed information on various comic book related projects from Fox. This time around, he reveals that Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot will have a less cartoonish tone than its predecessors.

Patrick Stewart Hints at Return for Apocalypse 0

It’s been a decade since Patrick Stewart spent a large amount of time filling in Professor Xavier’s wheelchair, and it brings joy to fans’ hearts that he’s going to be returning to the role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, it seems like he’s going to do one better, as the veteran actor has(…)

Kate Mara Discusses Fantastic Four Movie Reboot 0

The Fantastic Four movie reboot from Fox is already done with its casting, with the role of Sue Storm going to Kate Mara. During a recent interview with IGN, the actress revealed that she doesn’t know much about the film yet, just enough to say that it’s a very different take, one that people may(…)

Drew Goddard to Direct Sinister Six Film 0

According to a recent Heat Vision report, Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off The Sinister Six may have finally found a director, with Drew Goddard finally confirmed for the seat. The news comes a little bit of a surprise, but not completely out of left field as Goddard was previously confirmed to write the forthcoming film.

Lindsay Lohan Claims That She Was Almost Cast in The Avengers 0

In the latest episode of the documentary series Lindsay, actress Lindsay Lohan claimed that she was almost cast in The Avengers, only for an “unknown” to be cast in her place. The cast went on to rant that her manager did not push her hard enough during the udition process.

Fox Casts Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom 0

With Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four movie already finished casting the protagonists, it is now time to pick the villain. The studio didn’t waste much time choosing, as they have recently revealed their pick: Toby Kebbell will be playing Victor Von Doom AKA Doctor Doom.The report came from Variety, which stated that Kebbell was(…)

The Rock Teases Potential DC Movie 0

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been attached to several potential movie projects these past few years, but none have borne fruit yet, but the former WWE superstar has recently teased a mystery comic-book project:   “There’s been mutual interest with myself and DC for many years to find the right character,” says Johnson. “I, like(…)

Captain America 3 Could Feature Psychotic 1950s Cap 0

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier only a few weeks away from debuting on the big screens, people are now looking forward to the third installment in the franchise. The third installment is still untitled and referred to as Captain America 3 at this point, but it also looks like the people behind the franchise(…)