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Avatar Sequels Pushed Back At Least Another Year

Avatar Sequels Pushed Back At Least Another Year 0

In 2009 James Cameron made us awestruck with his ground breaking use of motion capture and 3-D technology wrapped up in a re-hashed Dances With Wolves plot, mustache twirling villains, and a vapid  environmental moral lesson.  Not long afterwards, we were promised two sequels first showing up in time for Christmas 2014 with the follow-up(…)

Marvel/Disney Announces Advanced Screenings for Facebook Support

Marvel/Disney Announces Advanced Screenings for Facebook Support 1

Marvel Studios and its overlord Walt Disney Pictures has announced that cities with large Facebook followings will get a screening of their new Avengers movie before its official May 4th release date.  Here’s the official press release: Marvel Studios announced today that “Marvel’s The Avengers” will reward its fans on Facebook for their continued support(…)

Sony Releases Teasers for Total Recall Remake 0

As many of you already know, Sony Pictures is dusting off the 80’s sci-fi action flick Total Recall directed by Paul Verhoeven (Starship Trooper, the original Robocop) and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The film was an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, about a man who goes to(…)

The Rumors of Next Gen Consoles

The Rumors of Next Gen Consoles 0

If you’ve been on the internet at all lately, you’ve undoubtedly read the swirling rumors about Xbox’s next gaming system, codenamed Durango (and nicknamed Xbox 720 to the gaming community), and Playstation’s Orbis.  Both are being eyed for a 2013 release, most likely around Thanksgiving for the Christmas buying rush.  Without question these systems will(…)

Development Hell: Robocop

Development Hell: Robocop 0

As we announced earlier, MGM is rebooting the Robocop franchise.  We here at Mighty Geek, just like everyone else on the internet, think that we know who should be doing the electric boogaloo in the steel jammies.

Netflix Launches Lillyhammer-Their Own Hour Drama Series

Netflix Launches Lillyhammer-Their Own Hour Drama Series 2

Netflix has to do a a lot to make up for their earlier, very public blunders in the handling of splitting the streaming and DVD by mail aspects of their business.  Not only that, they’re facing rising content costs and rivalries from other companies such as the recently announce Verizon/Redbox deal, HBOGo, and other media(…)

Evil Dead Remake Gets Female Lead and Location 0

  Just a day after announcing Shiloh Fernandez as the male lead for Ghost House Pictures’ remake of the Sam Raimi cult classic horror movie The Evil Dead, the production company has announced the casting of Jane Levy as his leading lady for the character of Mia.  No word on possible castings for the three(…)

Might Movie Round-Up Feb. 3

Might Movie Round-Up Feb. 3 1

As the above image shows, production on the third Riddick movies is underway.  Vin Diesel shared via his Facebook page three image so far.  Unlike the big budget Chronicles, this film is being financed independently with a dollar amount closer to the first film, Pitch Black.  This new film finds Riddick abandoned on a planet(…)

Mighty Movie News Round-up

Mighty Movie News Round-up 0

Here’s a quick rundown on the movie front with image releases from the new Bond film, the Snow White adaptation staring Thor, and Karl Urban as Mega City One’s greatest Street Judge.  Also, the future of two popular franchises are looking good.

Monty Python Cast to Reunite for Sci-Fi Comedy Film

Monty Python Cast to Reunite for Sci-Fi Comedy Film 0

Variety published what all us goofy little Python nerds have been hoping to hear for quite some time.  The surviving members of one of the greatest and most influential comedy troupes are reuniting for another film.  Eric Idle hasn’t officially signed on just yet; but Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam are(…)