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The Worst Company Ever 0

We all deal with a lot of garbage in our daily experiences.  Girlfriend yells at you, boss yells at you, dog yells at you, then gives you secret commands to help him take over the world, etc.  It’s a buncha nonsense that we just don’t want to deal with — but we do.  And we(…)

Christina Hendricks: driving men mad

Christina Hendricks: driving men mad 1

We were thinking of going with “a celebration of boobs” as the subtitle, but figured that would be self explanatory with any image below. Regardless, Christina Hendricks, star of Mad Men and countless fantasies, is always proud to display her ample supporting cast. Thankfully, your pals here at MightyGeek have collected some images that we(…)

Nintendo Wii U Giveaway, get yours free!

Nintendo Wii U Giveaway, get yours free! 14

The Nintendo Wii U. It’s here. It’s awesome. It’s… sold out! But not at MightyGeek.com, where we’re rewarding our loyal and growing fan base by giving away the brand new Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set for FREE. That’s the black version of the console, with 32GB of built in storage space, a free copy of(…)

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U 0

It’s just not a Nintendo console launch without a Super Mario game! During the E3 Press Conference, Nintendo unveiled New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo Wii U. Like the New Super Mario Bros on Wii and the DS, the game has a side-scrolling, classic appeal. But this time around, with the added power(…)

Wii U GamePad

Wii U GamePad 0

Lots of highlights were revealed on the Nintendo Wii U GamePad, as showcased during Nintendo’s press conference at E3. Think it’s just got a few neato buttons and a touch screen? Think again!

Pikmin 3 announced for Wii U

Pikmin 3 announced for Wii U 0

That’s right, the little insect… things are back! It’s been 10 years since the Pikmin first appears on a Nintendo console, the Gamecube back in the day. Now, the third and latest iteration will feature the characters and their loyal Captain in the Wii U’s glorious HD display. Use the Wii U Remote and Nunchuk(…)

Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and Pro controllers

Nintendo Wii U Gamepad and Pro controllers 0

Ahh, E3. It’s a time of magic for nerds and geeks all around the world. This is, essentially, a gamer’s holiday season. The festivities don’t officially start until June 5th, but Nintendo, whose press conference is that Tuesday morning, kicked things off early with a pre-show event. Not unlike a Dharma Initiative video, Mr. Iwata(…)

Boot Windows faster

Boot Windows faster 0

The advent of “Instant On” devices such as the iPad, most android mobiles, and some of the newer smartphones has hammered home the point that the boot up time of a Personal Computer is one of its disadvantages, most of them taking only a few seconds but still a few seconds longer than the iPad.(…)

Yale Stewart’s Little League

Yale Stewart’s Little League 0

What do you get when you cross Calvin and Hobbes’ innocent, reflective, and intricate humor with preschool versions of the Justice League? You get the Little League webcomic.

Macho Dragon Mod

Macho Dragon Mod 0

There’s no denying that Dragons are very scary in Skyrim. Not as scary as giants, mind you, but they’re kind of up there. It also helps that Dragons are the first big bads that the campaign introduces. But what if you want a mod that makes said dragons even more scary? Simple, you get the(…)